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Gesine Tettenborn, DDR Dopingopfer

Gesine Tettenborn, née Walther, European champion 1982 GDR relay 4 x 100 meters and 200 meters indoor. 1984 relay world record 4 x 400 meters; Was deleted from the record list at her own request in January 2010 because her achievements were achieved with the help of doping.

In the former German Democratic Republic (GDR), doping was enforced by the state. It was the biggest sports and doping scandal in the world. Athletes still suffer from the consequences to this day, even 30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall.


The number of affected athletes, some of whom were minors at the time of the doping, and who were often not informed about the drugs administered to them, is estimated at 12,000-15,000, of which around 15 percent suffered physical or psychological sequelae or died because of them. Many of these athletes are still fighting for recognition and compensation to this day. The Doping Victims Assistance Act, through which recognized victims received compensation in the form of a one-off payment, expired at the end of 2019. The legislature has refused to extend the time limit.


With my photographic project "Children of the Sun" I want to show that we are dealing with people and not case files. And that many of them were children who were abused for the success of the state. Higher faster further. Always on towards fame, success and the limelight. I would like to give those affected the opportunity to process their story mentally and thus to conclude it. The photos are free for former athletes and recognized doping victims.


Interested parties are welcome to contact me using the contact form.

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