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"Sternenkinder" is the German word for children who have to die before, during or immediately after their birth.

So that the parents' memories of their child do not fade, there are volunteer photographers who in cooperation with create free pictures for them.

The subject of stillbirths is still a taboo. But for the parents concerned, this represents the worst moment of their life. The free photographs are an important way for many parents to come to terms with their grief. To understand what happened and to see that the birth was "real". To see that their child exists and the certainty that their memory of their child will never fade because of the photos.

If you live in Berlin and are looking for a free photographer for your stillborn child, please feel free to contact me. It is also possible to arrange an appointment in advance.

If you have self-made pictures of your stillborn child, the quality of which you would like to have re-edited because no photographer could be on site after the delivery, you can send them to Professional photographers will edit your photos for free.

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