Bella is a descendant of the old Meissen noble family von Einsiedel and grew up in a small town in the former GDR. Even as a young child she was fascinated by colors and art. In 2009 she discovered her passion for portrait photography and created her own photographic signature during the coming years. Her works show surreal worlds, some of them are fantastically and some a kind of bizarre. Topics such as self-esteem, diversity and our relationship to nature are recurring aspects that she explores photographically and which are presented in a multi-faceted manner by means of photo editing. In 2012 she moved to Berlin, to give her artistic freedom more space. This was followed by commercial works for international musicians, authors and journalists. Her works have received several international awards, including several gold, silver and bronze medals as well as first and second placements. Live interviews, publications and exhibitions of individual works followed. Bella has been involved as a volunteer photographer in the "Dein Sternenkind" foundation since 2016 and gives parents photos of their deceased children. On the international photography site she is working as a curator since 2018. In order to be able to achieve even more with art, she combines her artistic and empathic strengths and started her bachelor's degree in clinical art therapy in autumn 2021. 

Artist Statement

„Art photography isn’t just about pressing the shutter button. It’s about turning yourself inside out. To visualize topics, both beautiful and socially critical, and to make the previously unseen visible. It’s about repealing the laws of nature by means of photo editing and creating something completely new and unexpected for the viewer. Something that triggers astonishment, enthusiasm or even rejection in the viewer. In the best case, art not only reaches people emotionally, but also something in the world. Shaking things up with art and healing with art therapy are integral parts of my work.“