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A photo series about living with ME/CFS

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a severe neuroimmunological disease that often leads to a high degree of physical disability.

Often, ME/CFS begins after an infectious disease. Eg the Epstein-Barr virus and influenza are known triggers. The current COVID-19 pandemic shows that people with Covid also develop ME/CFS.

Also suffering from ME/CFS after a Covid infection, I decided to dedicate a photo series to this topic. A series that shows how it feels when the living space is suddenly limited to your own home – New Habitat. However, I didn't want to document this on the basis of pain and suffering. Instead, I wanted to use light (hope), shadow (fears) and fog (uncertainty) to create aesthetic and artistically high-quality images. Artistic images, which people like to watch and are more concerned with the backstory as a result. I also consciously use strong colours to counteract the tristesse that this disease automatically brings with it. All pictures are pure photographs (no manipulations or artificial filter) that address life with ME/CFS in an artistic, atmospheric and vulnerable way. Thus, this still growing photo series is a mixture of creative photography, documentary and art therapy.

Source: German Society for ME/CFS

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