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LensMagazine Bella von Einsiedel

Lens Magazine

Issue 90

Theme: Women

Women's Rights / Femininity / Motherhood 

"...I'm fascinated by the deeply hidden pain of traumas in our minds and hope to reveal something about their existence via my photography. The grief and anguish that arises for not being able or allowed to talk about that trauma have consequences for one's self-image and self-esteem. It's difficukt to accept yourself and develop a positive self-image when society looks down on you because of your sexual orientation or gender identity, your skin colour, or because you're a victom of sexual abuse...."

Kwerfeldein Bella von Einsiedel

kwerfeldein Magazin

Article as a guest author

Title: Surreal Fantasy Worlds? DIY!

"...A team of make-up artists, costume designers, master hairdressers and assistants. A tame bear at the side of a pretty model for impressive snow photos. A tame fox or a florist who fills your car with a thousand flowers. Who would not like to have these seemingly limitless freedom to create extraordinary photos?

By now most of us would probably use so-called stock photographs, which is a good thing and certainly creates artistic freedom. But what if you can't afford it?  Especially now in the financially difficult times of the corona pandemic. Or if you don't want to use it for various reasons?..."



Issue 45  

Title: Ethereal Portraits

"...With an exquisite visual language that effortlessly alternates between realism and fantasy, Bella explores profound questions such as self-awareness, diversity and our relation to nature. [...] Bella provides us with a multi-faceted perspective into our existence, one which approaches reality through a plethora of characters, existential conundrums, and artistic styles..."

Edge of Humanity Magazine Bella von Einsiedel

Edge of Humanity

Artist Portrait

Fine Art Photographer, Berlin, Germany

Student, BA Clinical Art Therapy

Bella grew up in a small town in the former GDR, modestly and with few resources. In 2009 she discovered her passion for portrait photography and created her own photographic signature during the coming years. Her works show surreal worlds, some of them are fantastically and some a kind of bizarre. Topics such as self-esteem, diversity and our relationship to nature are recurring aspects that she explores and which are presented in a multi-faceted manner by means of photo editing. In 2012 she moved to Berlin, to give her artistic freedom more space.

Other publications

2021 Trierenberg Super Circuit, Deluxe Edition

2020 Trierenberg Super Circuit, "Quintessence, the best photos of the 21st century"

2020 Monochrome Awards, Book Edition + Book Cover

2017 Bokeh Magazine, Issue 53 "Having a Distinct Style" 

2016 fotoforum magazine, March Issue

2016 stern Online, Valentine's Day Special

2016 View Stern Spotlight, "Pool Day"

2015 Trierenberg Super Circuit, Book Edition + Deluxe Edition

2015 1x com Magazine, Interview

2015 stern Online, "The head is not there for thinking"

2015 Althani Award, Book Edition

2014 Trierenberg Super Circuit, Book Edition + Deluxe Edition

2014 stern Online, "portraits that get under your skin"

2013 View Stern Magazine, May ssue, "Magical"

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