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Black and White Portrait


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A series which deals with the seven-year cycles of a human being.

It is said that every seven years in a person's life, a new phase of life begins or changes occur. The number 7 is omnipresent and plays a role in many areas of life. All persons photographed are 7 years apart and have their own story in different generations. People who are facing a new stage of life, whether by the hormones during puberty (14) or menopause (49). Or starting a family (28), or retirement without the beloved husband, because he did not make it to the age of 70.

Eleven souls at the age of 7 to 77 with their own challenges. Children of the modern age, in which the media determine everything and adults who have experienced the postwar period. People who went to student demonstrations in the 1970s to change the world. People who took part in the first Pride Parades, people who study abroad to start a family in their hometown. People who are firmly in life with both feet, but still looking for change. Because standstill is the death of every progress.

Each person wore the same turtleneck. No jewelry, no glasses, no distracting facial expression. So that the face and the person behind, the soul, is expressed.

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